BackNames, LLP is a web-marketing company working in corporate names and domain names. Our main purpose is developing marketing projects for our clients and/ or providing professional assistance on this matter to firms.

Propose us your own project!

If you have an interesting project to be developed, please do no hesitate to contact us! We can do some business together!

  • If you are a company interested in creating a marketing project, we can take care of its development on the Internet.
  • If you are a private person with an idea, we can help out with the development of a project, being experts in the web marketing.

Why using corporate names and domain names in developing a web-marketing project

Corporate names and domain names are key for a successful project: these two tools can make the all the difference between the success or the failure of an idea. The choice of the correct name for the product / service and the selection of one or more domain names to be adopted on the Internet are not an easy call and we can assist you with our experience in the field.

For any further information, contact us at: info@BackNames.com